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Top 10 Things Made In Ways You Won't 7 months ago

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Do you ever wonder how some things are made? Production processes in the 21st century are more advanced than ever before and with new techniques. From water bottles to ice cream, you'll no longer have to ask: how do they make these products?
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 Things Made In Ways You Won't Believe! Camo on helmets - Some countries still use textile for covers for their military helmets but more and more nowadays, a process called hydro dipping is used where helmets are tipped into a pool of camouflage dye. Mushrooms - Our food is manufactured on a huge scale; millions of acres of land are dedicated to farming worldwide and most fruit and veg is still grown traditionally in the soil or hydroponically but one thing we don’t often think about is mushrooms. Wire, springs and chains - Wires, springs and chains are just some of the many, many things we make out of cylindrical metal. Once upon a time, all kinds of metal wiring were extremely hard to produce. Prawn crackers - Just like bottles, prawn crackers start life as something a lot smaller. The process is a lot simpler, though, and the results are more delicious! Sweets - Sweets come in so many different shapes and sizes and when you think about it, some are incredibly complex - they have many different parts, all different colours, with so many layers.

Hotdogs - Here’s something that you may regret watching if you love your hot dogs (and that’s a lot of us!). Ice cream - Ice cream is delicious and colourful. Many types of ice cream are full of different layers with toppings and extra flavours. Two litre bottle - When you think about it, bottles are exceptionally tough. Old Spice Commercial - Green screen, digital FX, CGI, there’s all sorts of smoke and mirrors in movie and TV production these days and we just assume that anything anyone can dream of can be replicated realistically but watching the production of this advert is incredibly interesting. Ink - Colour as a whole is such an awesome concept - we can not only see in technicolour but also produce thousands of different colours with ingredients and over time, these techniques have developed to allow us access to the most vibrant, striking and bright colours possible on Earth.



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