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Mumbai's Haji Ali Juice Shop - India 7 years ago

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Get your fresh juice fix at Mumbai's famous juice joint next to the iconic mosque.

Well the heat in Mumbai can be unrelenting for most part of the year. No wonder then Mumbaikars love fruit juices. For juice lovers nothing can beat the Haji Ali juice center in south Mumbai. Right at the entrance of the Haji Ali dharga which is the tomb of the saint Haji Ali. With large glasses and reasonable prices the Haji Ali juice center is a great bet to chill up a bit. In the evenings the Haji Ali juice center can get really crowded and there is never enough space to sit around. So what most of the cars do is they drive up to the juice center and the waiters run around to take orders just like in a drive in restaurant. It has almost been 25 years for the family to be in this business. There are all kinds of customers. All the customers coming are quite loyal. There are many celebrities coming out here.

What is the price range of your juices? It all starts from 25 to 125 rupees. Well as the name suggests this place is all about juices. The best refresher this one, the watermelon juice. This drink out here is named after the 2 biggest rivers in India Ganga and Yamuna, it is a cocktail of sweet lime and orange juice. This one is mango, here is some chickoo, that is orange, pineapple and this is an exotic delicacy its kewi and If you want to try something different you can try some of the vegetable juices as well. Some carrot some beetroot. Milkshakes and Faluda shakes are preferred items during family outings. This is what we call a Faluda. If you want to grab a bite while you are sipping one of your fruit juices you can choose from a variety of pizzas or sandwiches. And now for the best part at Haji Ali juice center, this is fruit in cream, you can choose from mango in cream, kewi in cream and strawberry in cream. This is Dyu Dikuna showing you Mumbai.



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