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How I Microblade My Eyebrows At 11 months ago

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Hey Guys!

So when this whole Microblading craze started, I wanted to know how, when, what, who... I was so intrigued by the technique and transformations I was seeing all over. I had inquired with a few different schools and online course classes, only to be shocked by a HUGE price, which, if you are planning to do this professionally is well worth it because you will def make your money back... BUT I just wanted to learn for myself, to do it on myself.

So I did a whole bunch of research, shadowed microblading sessions, watched free online courses/tutorials, practiced on skin sheets, tissue paper, cardboard, and oranges until I felt comfortable to do it on myself.

This looks nothing like a professionals work, but over time my technique will improve and I will continue to microblade my brows at home.

Microblading Pressure/Skin Types:

Microblading After Care Instructions

Microblading Practice Kit $38.68
Comes with:
Microblading Pen
Eyebrow Pigment Paste
Blank Practice Skin
Eyebrow Practice Skin
3D Eye Practice Skin
Ink Cup Rings x 50pcs
Finger Gloves x 50pcs
14 Needle Blade x 10pcs
11 Needle Blade x 10pcs
16 U Needle Blade x 10pcs

Protective Gloves Size: Medium $7.58

Wooden Craft Stick $0.99

Numb Master Topical Anesthetic Cream $20.86

Waterproof Brow Pencil $1.19

Caliper for brow measuring $0.99

3 BioTouch Cosmetic Permant Makeup Ink Bottles $12.00

50 Disinfectant Alcohol Pads $1.80

100 Pack 6" Medical Swabs $1.30

After Inked Skin Lotion Cream $6.00



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