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Top 10 Secrets Airline Staff Don't Want You To 7 months ago

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Airlines and Flight Attendants know some shocking secrets that you don't. From missing life jackets to panic situations and the truth about tracking systems, here are 10 Secrets Airline Staff Don't Want You To Know!
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Be Amazed at these 10 secrets flight attendants or pilots would never tell you because they don't want you to know! Featuring: Lightning strikes - The thought of a plane getting hit by lightning is pretty scary, right? Well, I hate to be the one to break this to you, but this happens all the time. Some seats are safer than others - In the unlikely event of a plane crash, of course, the chance of survival is unfortunately fairly slim. Seats are getting smaller - Whilst we’re on the topic of money, airlines have a trick to get the most money out of every flight. Staff sleeping quarters - Ever looked up to find your air host or hostess and not been able to see them? You start to think they’re avoiding you because you’re asking for your eleventh glass of water, perhaps. Hard landings - We all know what it feels like to end a plane journey with a really abrupt, hard landing. It’s pretty horrible and a lot of people tend to think it’s due to the pilot’s carelessness. Aisle 13 - Now, you wouldn’t expect the brainbox scientists behind aircraft design, or the high-flying decision-makers at airline companies to be superstitious, would you? Missing life jackets - I bet you totally ignore the safety announcements when the cabin crew give them out at the start of the flight, right? You’ve heard them all before. Hidden equipment - This might make you feel safer or it might make you feel worse. The staff onboard have a whole range of hidden equipment available to them, designed with your safety in mind. Grab handles - Now, this is one of those little things that you mayhave thought was unimportant, but it’s actually there for a reason. No tracking system - OK, sorry guys, but this one is so not gonna make you feel any better about flying. Have you ever wondered how a plane can even go missing?



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