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you - original song || 10 months ago

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I told you I was looking for some empathy
Well you fooled me
Just, a touch and a thought and I was gone
And now someone's gonna get to know the better you
When I was supposed to
Oh, oh, oh why did it have to be you

I guess
now the next time there's an opportunity
I'll tread more carefully
My heart's running out of cellotape
You know
How is it I've never felt that way before
I was so sure
Oh, oh, oh it wasn't going to be you

Why do all the red flags
Just look like so much fun, oh
I have a habit of
Searching for the damage
To share my love

I promised to be numb
But somehow you were the one
Now to unwind
Months of a good time

People will tell me that I messed up
And it wasn't love
And I'm secretly hoping they are right, because
Whatever it was it was wonderful
But non functional
I really hope I don't love you


okay no but seriously holy heck one million subscribers HOW. HOW. TELL. I can't believe it. Look if you've been here since rhett and link or charlie song or old school 2012 fangirl days or f u ex boyfriend days or freckles and constellations and dovan flat or new flat, 2016 aka the year of depression lol or if la adventures and all my cough art with jon or even if u just subbed cause someone demanded it on my birthday
FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. Thank you for even reading this. I love you. I'm now crying, lol. xxxxxx