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10 Most Lethal NINJA 1 year ago

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top 10 deadliest ninja weapons you won't believe exist
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Dressed in black and emerging from the shadows, there is perhaps no other non-fictional figure that captures our imaginations quite like the ninja. Also known as shinobi, the ninja existed hundreds of years ago in Japan. Unlike the samurai who were considered warriors bound by honour and tradition, samurai were not bound by any code and seen as a lesser warrior because of it. Don’t let this fool you however. Ninjas were just as if not more dangerous than their famous samurai counterparts. These men and women were experts as espionage, assassination, sabotage and escape. As a result, they developed a deadly reputation that lives to this day.
In addition to an incredible amount of training and dedication, shinobi also utilized a broad range of weaponry to help them achieve their goals. In most cases, the ninja was concerned with being as quick and quiet as possible. This meant that weaponry tended to be small, portable and highly-concealable. Unfortunately this means that the image of the ninja with the large katana sword strapped to their back isn’t really an accurate depiction of these Japanese agents. Small blades, throw-able weaponry and diversionary equipment were the prime tools of the trade. All came together to make the ninja highly efficient and, when need be, extremely dangerous.

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