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What is the Mulan szechuan sauce? The Mcdonald's / Rick And Morty 11 months ago

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What is the Mcdonald's Mulan szechuan dipping sauce? Rick and Morty season 3 premiered earlier this month and along with it they resurrected a classic dipping sauce from 1998 with one of its jokes.

Mulan is a classic chinese folklore story that has been around for hundreds of years. The most famous adaption of the story from literature to film came in 1998 when Disney released an animated movie title "Mulan". Along with the release of the movie came heavy promotion. One of the promotional tools that Disney used was a partnership with McDonald's that included kids toys in the happy meals as well as the szechaun dipping sauce that was only available for a limited time. As the 90's ended the sauce became nothing more than a memory to most until 2017 and the season 3 premiere of Rick and Morty that referenced the sauce multiple times and set the internet ablaze with thousands requesting for the sauces return.

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